Traveling with Your Furry Companions? 7 Tips for Selecting the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with Your Furry Companions? 7 Tips for Selecting the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel

Whether going on a short vacation or an extended road trip with your furbaby, selecting a pet-friendly hotel is one of your most critical decisions. To ensure a hassle-free and memorable experience for you and your four-legged companion, we’ve compiled expert tips for finding the perfect pet-friendly accommodations.


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Why Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel?

7 Tips for Finding the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel

    • Opt for Accommodations Offering Pet Essentials
    • Verify Pet Access Areas
    • Avoid Excessive Pet Fees
    • Explore Nearby Walking Attractions
    • Inquire About Resident Pets
    • Confirm the Policy for Multiple Pets
    • Check for Pet-Friendly Flooring

How to Ensure a Hassle-Free Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel



Key Takeaways


  • Choosing a pet-friendly hotel ensures a stress-free travel experience for pets and their owners, enhancing overall trip enjoyment.
  • Look for accommodations like Snowshoe Lodge that offer pet essentials, reducing the need to pack and transport additional pet-related items.
  • Confirming pet access areas in advance allows pets and owners to enjoy hotel amenities together, creating a more inclusive experience.
  • Selecting hotels with pet-friendly flooring can significantly ease concerns over potential messes, making the stay more comfortable for everyone.
  • Understanding a hotel’s policy on multiple pets is crucial for families traveling with more than one furry friend to ensure all are welcome.
  • Exploring nearby walking attractions enriches the travel experience, offering memorable adventures for pets and owners alike in new environments.
  • Inquiring about additional fees and policies related to pets helps avoid unexpected costs, ensuring a budget-friendly stay at pet-friendly accommodations.
Why Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel?

Why Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel?

Choosing a pet-friendly hotel offers many benefits for pets and their owners, transforming the travel experiences from stressful to delightful. Here are the key advantages of selecting accommodations that warmly welcome your furry companions:

For Pet Owners

    • Stress Reduction: Knowing your pet is welcome and catered for can significantly reduce the stress associated with traveling. Pet-friendly hotels understand the needs of pet owners and offer services and amenities that ensure a hassle-free stay.
    • Cost Savings: Traveling with your pet to a pet-friendly hotel can often be more economical than paying for pet boarding or a sitter. Many pet-friendly accommodations provide essential pet amenities at no extra cost, which eases the financial burden.
    • Bonding Time: Vacation time is also bonding time with your pet. Pet-friendly hotels facilitate these shared experiences, allowing pets and owners to explore new surroundings and strengthen their bond.
    • Social Opportunities: Pet-friendly accommodations host other pet owners and their animals, providing a unique socializing opportunity. This can lead to new friendships and valuable exchanges of pet care tips and travel experiences.


For Pets

    • Comfort and Familiarity: Staying with their owners rather than being left at home or in a boarding facility can reduce a pet’s anxiety and stress. Familiar scents and faces provide comfort in new environments.
    • Safety and Security: Pet-friendly hotels are designed with pet safety in mind, offering secure environments where pets are protected from traffic, wildlife, and other urban dangers.
    • Exercise and Exploration: Many pet-friendly hotels are near parks, trails, or beaches, which offers ample opportunities for pets to exercise and explore. This not only contributes to their physical well-being but also their mental stimulation.



7 Tips for Finding the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel


1. Opt for Accommodations Offering Pet Essentials

When selecting a pet-friendly hotel in Lake Placid, NY, the types of pet essentials provided can make a significant difference in your travel experience. These essentials ensure your pet’s comfort and alleviate the stress of packing and carrying additional items. 


Here’s what you should look for:


      • Pet Beds: A comfortable and clean bed is crucial for your pet to sleep in. It helps them feel secure and rested in a new environment.
      • Feeding Bowls: Hotels that offer food and water bowls can save you from packing bulky items and ensure your pet stays hydrated and fed.
      • Pet Toys: Toys can keep your pet entertained and help alleviate any anxiety or boredom they might feel in a new place.
      • Waste Bags and Cleaning Supplies: Accessibility to waste bags and cleaning supplies is essential for easy cleanup after your pet. This convenience helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene during your stay.
      • Pet Treats: Some hotels go the extra mile by providing pet treats, which can be a delightful welcome gesture for your furry friend.
      • Leashes and Collars: If you forget or lose yours, having these on hand can be a lifesaver for walks and outings.
Verify Pet Access Areas

2. Verify Pet Access Areas

Ensuring your chosen hotel has pet-friendly areas is key to a successful and enjoyable trip with your furry friend. Knowing where your pet is welcome can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your stay. 


Here are some tips on what to look for and why it matters:


      • Check for pet-friendly common areas. It’s great when pets are allowed in the lobby, gardens, or lounges. This means you can spend more leisurely time with your pet, allowing you to enjoy the hotel’s amenities together rather than leaving them alone.
      • Find out if pets can join you in dining areas. Some hotels go the extra mile by allowing pets in certain dining spaces. This can make meal times more convenient and enjoyable, as you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind or rushing back to check on them.
      • Look for hotels with accessible outdoor spaces. Hotels with gardens or nearby parks are perfect for pets who need regular walks or a bit of playtime. It’s a bonus for your pet to have a safe place to explore and stretch their legs.


3. Avoid Excessive Pet Fees

Finding a hotel that welcomes your pet without charging excessive fees is essential to planning your trip. Pet fees can add up quickly, turning what seemed like a good deal into an expensive stay. Here’s why it’s important to look into this and what you can do to avoid surprises:


      • Look for clear pet fee policies. Before booking, search for hotels that clearly state their pet fees. Some hotels charge a one-time fee for your entire stay, while others might charge nightly. Knowing this upfront can help you budget better.
      • Seek out hotels with minimal or no pet fees. Some hotels pride themselves on being pet-friendly and either do not charge extra for pets or have very reasonable fees. These accommodations often provide great value, considering the amenities and comfort they offer you and your furry friend.
      • Consider what’s included in the fee. A pet fee might sometimes cover special amenities like pet beds, bowls, or welcome treats. Understanding what you get for the fee can help you decide if it’s worth it.
      • Watch out for hidden charges. Be sure to ask about additional cleaning fees or deposits that might not be advertised. It’s better to know all possible charges before making your reservation.
Explore Nearby Walking Attractions

4. Explore Nearby Walking Attractions

Being near walking trails, parks, or beaches means less time spent in the car trying to find a spot for your pet to exercise and more time enjoying the great outdoors together. This convenience is a big plus, especially after a long journey or when you’re eager to start your day with fresh air and activity. For pets, a new environment is full of exciting smells and sights. Having a safe, open space to explore can help them adjust and feel more at ease.


Exploring local attractions with your pet offers a unique way to experience your destination. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in a scenic park, a visit to a historic town center, or a day at a dog-friendly beach, these moments make for a memorable trip.


When looking for a pet-friendly hotel, remember these tips to ensure a great stay for you and your pet:


      • Check out the surroundings. Aim for hotels that are a stone’s throw away from dog-friendly parks or trails. This makes it easy to plan daily outings with your pet.
      • Ask for local tips. Don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff for their favorite pet-friendly spots. They can often point you to the best local parks and trails.
      • Look up reviews from fellow pet owners. Other pet owners are a great source of information on the pet-friendliness of the area. They might even share some hidden gems where you and your pet can have a blast.


5. Inquire About Resident Pets

Having resident pets at a hotel indicates that the establishment is pet-friendly. It shows the hotel accommodates pets and embraces their presence in daily life and culture. This can make you feel more at ease about bringing your pet along, knowing they’re entering a truly pet-embracing environment.


Additionally, resident pets can offer companionship and entertainment for your pet. Just like humans, pets need to socialize and make new friends. Meeting and interacting with resident pets can be a delightful experience for your pet, as this helps them feel more at home and reduces potential anxiety about being in a new place.


When considering a pet-friendly hotel with resident pets, here are a few tips to remember:


      • Ask about the resident pets. When booking your stay, inquire about the resident pets at the hotel. This can give you an idea of the hotel’s pet culture and how they might interact with your pet.
      • Consider your pet’s temperament. A hotel with resident pets could be a great fit if your pet is friendly and enjoys meeting new friends. However, if your pet is more reserved or nervous around other animals, you might want to consider how the presence of resident pets could affect their comfort.


Confirm the Policy for Multiple Pets

6. Confirm the Policy for Multiple Pets

Not all hotels have the same rules for accommodating multiple pets; being prepared can help you avoid surprises or complications during your stay. Pet-friendly hotels often have specific guidelines on the number of pets allowed in one room. These policies can vary widely, with some places welcoming more than one pet with open arms while others may have stricter limits. Knowing the hotel’s policy beforehand ensures you can plan your trip without worry and ensure all your pets can stay comfortably with you.


Hotels might have different fees or deposits for guests with multiple pets. While some pet-friendly hotels offer a flat rate, others may charge per pet regardless of the number of pets. Understanding these policies allows you to budget accordingly and choose a hotel that offers the best value for you and your pets.


Consider these tips when looking into accommodations for multiple pets:


      • Directly ask the hotel about their multiple-pet policy. A quick call or email can give you all the information about how many pets are allowed and any associated costs.
      • Check for size or breed restrictions. Some pet-friendly hotels may still have restrictions on the size or breed of the pets they allow. This is especially important to verify if you’re bringing more than one pet.

7. Check for Pet-Friendly Flooring.

Pet-friendly flooring means surfaces that are easy to clean and resistant to scratches or stains. This is especially helpful if your pet has an accident or tends to shed a lot. Floors like tile, laminate, or vinyl are more durable and accessible to keep clean than carpets, which can hold odors and stains.


Staying in a room with pet-friendly flooring at a pet-friendly hotel also means less worry for you. You won’t have to stress over any potential damage fees or the hassle of trying to clean up messes on difficult surfaces. It’s all about making your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for you and your furry companion.


How to Ensure a Hassle-Free Stay at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Staying at a pet-friendly hotel with your furry companion should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. To ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay, here are some essential tips to remember:



Before you embark on your journey, planning is key. Ensure the pet-friendly hotel you choose aligns with your pet’s needs. This means checking their pet policy in detail, understanding any fees, and confirming the availability of pet-friendly rooms. Planning can prevent surprises and ensure the hotel is well-equipped to welcome your pet.


Bring Familiar Items

Familiar items can make your pet feel at home in a new environment. This includes their favorite bed, toys, blanket, food, and water dishes. The scent and familiarity of these items can provide comfort and ease the stress of being in a new place.


Maintain Routine

Pets thrive on routine, so try to maintain their regular feeding, walking, and sleeping schedules as much as possible. Sticking to a familiar routine can help your pet adjust quickly to the hotel environment and reduce anxiety.


Explore Together

Take advantage of staying in a pet-friendly hotel by exploring the surrounding area with your pet. Whether it’s a nearby park, beach, or walking trail, getting out and about can be an excellent way for both of you to enjoy your stay. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your pet to expend some energy and for you to discover new places together.



Can I leave my pet alone in the hotel room?

It depends on the hotel’s policy. Some pet-friendly hotels allow pets to be left alone in the room as long as they’re created or if you inform the front desk. However, it’s always best to check with the hotel beforehand to understand their specific rules and whether they offer pet-sitting services or facilities.


How can I ensure my pet doesn’t disturb other guests?

To ensure your pet is a good neighbor, keep them on a leash in public areas and maintain a quiet environment in your room. Additionally, gradually familiarize your pet with the new surroundings and provide comfort items to help minimize anxiety and noise.


What should I do if my pet has special dietary needs?

If your pet has special dietary needs, bringing their food from home is wise. While some pet-friendly hotels may offer pet menus, these options might not suit all dietary requirements. Informing the hotel about your pet’s needs in advance can also help, as they may be able to accommodate or suggest local pet stores.


How do I find local veterinary services when staying at a pet-friendly hotel?

Before traveling, research local veterinary clinics or hospitals near the hotel and save their contact information. Additionally, ask the hotel staff for recommendations; they often have a list of local pet services, including veterinary care, to assist guests.


Is pet insurance required when staying at a pet-friendly hotel?

Pet insurance is not typically required by hotels for your stay. However, having pet insurance is a good idea for traveling in general, as it can cover unexpected veterinary expenses if your pet becomes ill or injured while away from home.



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